Victoria Laine R.H.N. nutritionist consultations


Victoria Laine

Victoria Laine, R.H.N. is now available for private one-on-one whole-food nutrition consultation at the Purple Hemp Co. Victoria is a nutrition and whole-food educator, yoga and wellness instructor, cookbook author and speaker. Passionate about food and health, Victoria began her career as a registered holistic nutritionist in 2001. She has been a yoga instructor since 1999. Victoria worked as the resident nutritionist for The City of Edmonton Fire Rescue Services Health & Wellness program. She has led workshops, and spoken to numerous groups and corporate events. Combining her love of whole-food with nutrition education she developed the curriculum and recipes for “Eating Healthy, Naturally” at NAIT’s culinary program.

What are whole-foods?

Whole-foods are those that have not had components removed. (For example - white refined wheat flour that has had the fiber-rich bran and nutrient-rich germ stripped with only the starchy endosperm left.) Whole-foods are those that have not had anything denatured or added. (For example - preservatives, food dyes, etc.) They are “as nature intended” and minimally processed, if at all.

Can transitioning to a whole-food intake make a difference to my health?

Yes! Hippocrates said - “Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food.” Whole-foods, including whole-grains, legumes, veggies, fruits, seeds, nuts, herbs, and spices in the correctly balanced intake for your individual needs, can create the right environment for cellular healing and optimal health. How foods and ingredients are prepared is also a critical part of whole-food health.

How can nutrition counseling help me achieve my health goals?

Whether you want to overcome digestive orders, inflammation, blood sugar and weight imbalances, mental health challenges, cellular damage, or heart disease - Victoria will support and guide you on your path to vibrant health - by providing assessments, education, resources, and encouragement. Victoria has worked with hundreds of clients who have transformed their health, choosing delicious whole-food to overcome “dis-ease.” Optimal whole-food nourishment will provide your body the best energy, immune system health, hormonal health, digestive health, skin health, respiratory and heart health. Holistic nutrition counseling considers the whole person - our activity level, our constitution and life force, the type of work we do, even our motives for wanting to engage in a private 1:1 whole-food program.

Ready to invest in your long-term health? Here’s how to get started!

STEP # 1 :
Email to set up an appointment:
(Victoria will contact you personally about your goals for the program, fees, and available appts.)
STEP # 2 :
Fill out the in-take form.
(Victoria will email the form, or leave a printed copy at Purple Hemp for you to pick up.)
STEP # 3 :
Start documenting your food intake.
(Write down everything you eat for a minimum of 3 typical days. This is part of the data Victoria will use to determine where to begin your program.)
Note: Victoria will also be offering mini-nutrition presentations at Purple Hemp so check out the Facebook page for upcoming dates and topics.