west coast wild foods

West Coast Wild Foods is a company that is the result of a lifetime spent in the mountains and forests of British Columbia exploring and learning about the wonderful wild mushrooms and other wild foods that the beautiful province of BC has to offer.

From their roots as wild mushroom harvesters, partners Jeremy Budd and Austin Glenn worked to lay a foundation in the wild mushroom industry – working in the field as buying agents, to having grown into the premier wild mushroom company in Canada.

In the beginning they concentrated specifically on morels and traveled year after year searching the country for them. From the Northwest Territories to Southern BC they harvested, bought, dried and processed their own morels before selling them to a growing group of customers.

They have gained a reputation throughout the world for the quality of their morels, in large part due to their intimate knowledge of the mushroom and how to retain its quality through the drying process. They also designed an all-natural drying system that is emissions free and uses only air and wood heat.

Over time the partners grew the business to include many other types of wild mushrooms, and also wild greens. In 2012 they began researching and learning how to create their own maple syrup from BC Maple trees, which made them a truly wild foods producer. Their focus now is in bringing this ever-changing and growing line of wild food products to the public.

West Coast Wild Foods and their goal of bringing natural foods to the world

For an inside look at West Coast Wild Foods watch this video that brings a bit of an old world way to doing things into the modern world. It is a comfort to know that there are people and companies who strive to find a balance with a long proven method of doing business. One that is not destructive to the environment, but that works in harmony with it. West Coast Wild Food is one such company.


West Coast Wild Foods Maple Syrup

Who would have thought that the syrup from the British Columbia maple tree would be this good. Rich and layered in flavour, with strong maple overtones and a light hint of vanilla this rare and delicious syrup is unlike any that you have tried before.

Hand crafted by us, we gather the sap and create the syrup one beautiful batch at a time. From light amber to dark, each shade and colour is unique to itself.


West Coast Wild Foods Dried nettles

Dried nettle tea is commonly used as a liver detox. It can be mixed with many herbal tea blends or green tea.

Use as you would a loose leaf tea, or add to an herbal mixture.


fiddleheads and wild mushroom powder

With a wonderful fresh spring vegetable flavour, West Coast Wild Foods Fiddleheads can be used as you would a green vegetable and are also excellent vessels for dipping in sauces.

They have been described as perhaps similar to fresh organic spinach or asparagus with a hint of nuttiness. Fiddleheads must be boiled before being eaten.

We carry only the Ostrich Fern Fiddlehead - renowned throughout North America as the best of all the Fiddlehead varieties.