Elaine Nuessler: Medical Cannabis educator


Elaine Nuessler

I am the grandmother to Kyla Williams, a little girl with an extreme, debilitating form of epilepsy. After Kyla rejected all pharmaceutical drug options and the Ketogenic Diet our family searched for a product to give our sweet little girl some relief. We started her on a high CBD Hemp derived cannabis oil in the summer of 2014 and after a long journey have been able to find the right product which controls the majority of her seizures and gives her a better quality of life. Learning about this amazing plant and how we all respond to the molecules in Cannabis naturally lead us to open this shop.

We connected to the medical community to help with our understanding and the possible benefits of using cannabis as medicine and attend as many Medical Cannabis Conferences as possible to further expand our knowledge. This allows us the ability to support our customers in the use of this herbal plant medicine. The medical community is slowly coming on board with their own science offered professionally now, though what we offer is still extremely important for many.

I offer education on the plant products and suggestions based on the information we have gathered over time through private consultation. You may contact our shop at 778-516-0089 to arrange your private consultation with me.

I look forward to assisting you with your journey to better health.


Elaine is the co-founder of Kyla’s Quest: Medical Cannabis for Sick Kids. Her work with this non-profit has lead her to advocate for the medical use of cannabis for all people as well as for the many children who suffer from debilitating afflictions such as epilepsy.