Michelle Cristante: cranio-sacral reflexologist


Michelle Cristante

Michelle Cristante is a cranio-sacral reflexologist; practitioner and teacher.

She began her training in reflexology in 2006 under Beverly Barker (formerly of Stepping Stones clinic in Penticton, BC) and certified in the Reflexology Association of Canada's training – in foot reflexology. Practicing on friends and family, Michelle took a special interest in Dr. Martine Faure-Alderson and cranio-sacral reflexology in 2008 and began studying and practicing her passion, full time.

Michelle offers full time availability for cranio-sacral reflexology clients in Penticton, BC, Canada and now in her hometown of Summerland, BC, at Purple Hemp on a part time basis. She plans to teach cranio-sacral reflexology as a 2 year post graduate diploma by early 2018.

Please contact Michelle directly to book an appointment for cranio-sacral reflexology in either location.

Michelle Cristante
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