Corsus Natural Bath & Body Care Products


Evolution of Corsus skincare products

Corina Nuessler is the founder and owner of Corsus Natural Bath & Body Care Products - a line that includes soap bars, creams and bath products. All of the Corsus products contain plant-based essential oils and natural base ingredients derived from nature, and are environmentally friendly, healthy and supportive of the body’s natural breathing, living, and healing functions.

The company mandate is to create all natural products as it is a founding belief that what we put on our bodies is directly related to our own health, as well as that of the planet. The inspiration for Corina’s company is her personal story of her mother losing her battle with cancer. As a result of the struggles within the family Corina was inspired to create products that are non-damaging to skin or to the environment and that would benefit people.

The Corsus Natural Bath & Body Care products are all non-toxic, there are no harsh chemicals, and they are paraben & SLS free. No cruelty or animal testing is used in any part of the process of making the Corsus products which are all made locally in British Columbia, Canada.