About the Purple Hemp Co founded by the Nuessler and Williams family

Chris and Elaine Nuessler, above left, along with son-in-law Jared Williams and daughter Courtney, (shown with Kyla) launched a new business venture in Summerland, BC called Purple Hemp Co. Close friend Frank Halbauer who lives on Vanuatu is also a partner in the business. The Purple Hemp company retail store, opened in mid July 2017 as an extension of their own personal philosophy towards medical cannabis and its role in healing for many different types of ailments.

A long, difficult road led the Nuesslers and Williams families on a hunt to find relief for their own granddaughter/daughter, Kyla Williams who suffered with intractable epilepsy. For more information see kylasquest.com.

It was a path of discovery that eventually resulted in a better quality of life for Kyla. Their education on the true healing properties of hemp and cannabis also garnered an education on how to live a healthier more natural lifestyle.

For Chris Nuessler, a retired RCMP officer, awareness concerning the healing properties of hemp and cannabis only came about after a long search for something that could relieve his granddaughter's epileptic seizures which numbered 200 to 300 a day. His stigma-driven and legal opinions did a 360 degree turnaround when Kyla went down to one or two seizures every couple of months thanks to her treatments with CW Hemp Oil produced by the Stanley Brothers of Colorado, USA.

The focus of Purple Hemp Co. in addition to being a central meeting place for discussion and exploration of ideas around healing and health, carries predominantly hemp products of all nature, for the skin, dietary needs, clothing and accessories, with a focus on local producers.

Purple Hemp Co. also offers a wonderful line of organic teas from Westholme Tea Farm, a BC family owned company offering an amazing high quality line of loose tea.

Our 'Smoothie Operator' creates some healthy and tasty treats at the Purple Hemp in-house Green Smoothie Bar. Chris clearly relishes his role as the main man behind the bar, and entertains guests with his comic quips.

Our partnership with health practitioners in massage, reflexology, reiki and whole food nutrition further enhances the deep wellness experience within this zen place.

A Far Infrared sauna is available by appointment offering the benefits of inner heat healing.

The Purple Hemp Co is an environment where one can learn and feel comfortable talking about cannabis for health.  Elaine provides consultations to those seeking relief from ailments for themselves or a loved one.

A note - no restricted cannabis products are on site at Purple Hemp Co., however Elaine will connect their customer to the appropriate resource for their needs.