Welcome to the purple Hemp Co.

The Purple Hemp Co. is a business venture brought to reality by Chris and Elaine Nuessler together with their partners Courtney and Jared Williams and friend Frank Halbauer – all because of a little girl named Kyla. (For more on Kyla Williams see Kylas Quest). The retail direction on health and deep wellness morphed into a physical store with a focus on natural hemp products, that includes skin products, dietary supplements, clothing and accessories.

In addition to our many hemp products, we are excited about giving back to a third world country by offering single origin, volcanic earth grown, Fair Trade coffee and Volcanic Earth skincare line from the South Pacific Island of Tanna in the Vanuatu archipelago. 

As well, we prepare from scratch, as per order, organic real fruit and natural green smoothies that will enhance your necessary daily nutrients.

Check out the video above - for our latest hemp product for pets.

Watch the video above for a better idea of our philosophies and to learn more about the Purple Hemp Co. store itself.

Our Mission Statement:

The Purple Hemp Co is based on the premise that there is a growing need to normalize hemp and cannabis as a daily health regimen and as such provides information and education to eliminate the stigmas surrounding these naturally occurring plants.

At our retail store we provide a calm zen-like space for customers of every age and lifestyle to shop for a wide range of natural hemp products together with other natural health products.

Purple Hemp Co is a place where one feels comfortable talking and learning about cannabis as medicine without fear of judgement. 

We provide an onsite massage therapist, reflexologist and nutritionist as well as a Far Infrared Sauna for Deep Wellness.

Our integrity ensures that Purple Hemp Co provides the highest quality products from our own trusted suppliers. 

Purple Hemp Co is a customer-driven business.